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Writ Studio is a small photography, hand lettering, art, and product business based in College Station, TX, but working with clients and customers all over the world. Writ Studio aims to create authentic, original, and beautiful photographs and hand lettering projects for your life and your home. 

photography - intimate, romantic, emotional, real.

Writ Studio founder Heather Pitts was raised with a camera in her hand (usually it was her dad's, which she stole from him). She has been photographing families, commercial projects, landscapes, weddings, and travel for over ten years, and hopes to never stop. She is currently employed by Texas A&M University as a Graphic Designer and Photographer. For her non-wedding-related work, you can find her at hpitts.com.

products - From sketch to street.

After over a decade of graphic design experience and years of hand lettering practice, Heather is bringing her skill and eye for design to several product lines and projects. All the artwork and lettering available at Writ Studio is led by Heather's practiced hand from inception, to sketching, through digitizing, and finally, to production and assembly. We truly handle each and every product "from sketch to street." Our goal at Writ Studio is to create a product you're proud to carry, and proud to own; products that are pretty enough to be left on a counter instead of shoved in a closet; and the highest praise of all, products that you love to give as gifts to those you love most. 

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argosy goods

In 1989, Russell Moses was on a quest to summit the 7 highest peaks in South America. It was there that he met and contracted the services of a sherpa who had lost an eye in the Falklands. As they reached the end of one of many long days, somewhere near the Plaza de Mules, the sherpa began to tell him tales of his family, of his village, which he hadn't seen in quite some time, and of Aconcagua itself. Though Russell suspects his stories were just as much for the sherpa's benefit as they were for his, he reveled in their artistry, and gave due deference to this weaver of emprise. They broke bread. They drank the local wine. They raised their simple cups to one other, time and time again, until their flasks ran dry as the biting Argentine air. As the sun dipped below the horizon, they began to turn from their jovial camp camaraderie, and toward the mountain that would tomorrow do her best to break them. It was there that he learned the secret that would lead him to this very moment today.....

At least, that's how he'd LIKE to say it happened. Unfortunately, he is nowhere near as interesting as that. The truth is, he just grew frustrated with the available shaving products on the market today. Over-engineering, Mendeleevian ingredients lists, and highway robbery prices are entirely too common. He knew he could do better, and he has painstakingly developed a slate of fine grooming products that he personally uses and is proud to offer to you. Argosy Goods uses only the finest ingredients, with natural options whenever possible, and man-made where it offers a true advantage. Every bottle is hand-filled, and he is adding new products as often as possible.

Whether you're making your first break away from the multi-blade/canned foam daily scrape, or are a seasoned cut throat and badger aficionado, give 'em a shot. You'll love them.